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Shunsuke Minami | Filmmaker, Visual Artist


Shunsuke Minami is a filmmaker and an Visual artist from Japan. He lives and works in Hokkaido, Japan. In his creative activities, focusing on the film projector device itself, its operator’s projection process, and other aspects of the actual process of producing a finished film, this artist uses primarily 8mm film, projectors, and the like as material in his works. They are experiments, which attempt to synthesize and alter the process of projection by disassembling and reconfiguring the essential functions of a projector and the meanings of these functions.


1985        born in Hokkaido, Japan

2009        Graduated from The Hokkaido University of Education Sapporo with a Bachelors of Education in Visual Design

present    The Hokkaido University of Education with a Master of Education, Hokkaido in Fine Art


solo exhibitions, screenings


2013        Nakano-zero, Tokyo, Japan

               salon cojica, Sapporo, Japan



group exhibitions, screenings



2014        Vertical horizontal#01,CAI02, Sappro, Japan

               North line, 500m Underground Walkway Gallery, Sapporo, Japan

               Nonno-sama, Tanukikoji 2-chome Theater, Sapporo, Japan


2013        Mt.Haruka Arts fortress, Mt.Haruka, Otaru, Japan

               Action note-Point to act, Muroran Museum of Art, Muroran, Japan


2012        VS.X, Muroran Museum of Art, Muroran, Japan


2011        ISMIE2011, Park Tower Hall, Tokyo, Japan, Traveled to Kara-S, Kyoto

               motion, fusion, refrection -a certain viewpoint of current film-, ATTIC, Sapporo, Japan



awards and others



2014        Grand Prize “JR Tower Art Box 2014”


2013        Encouragement Prize “Art Osaka 2013”



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